Hi and welcome to Battery Reconditioning Lab. You’ve found our About Us page, This page is just a brief summary of what Battery Reconditioning Lab is, who we are and why this website has been set up. So without please read on:

What is Battery Reconditioning Lab?

Battery Reconditioning Lab is a website dedicated to teaching and passing on knowledge of Battery Reconditioning. If you ever wanted to learn how to recondition your old batteries then this is the place to learn. It is our aim to teach people how to safety repurpose their old batteries. And this is for two reasons. One it saves you money and two it helps the environment. With the knowledge we provide we hope that people can be more green and more responsible for the affect that they have on the environment. We all have an effective on it and we personally believe that its everyone’s responsibility to prevent further damage whether possible.

Who are we?

We are two regular guys that like to repurpose our batteries, My name is John Morrow and my partners name is Steve Vippon together we reconditioned over 100 car batteries. So our experience speaks for itself we also recondition other types of batteries, like laptop batteries, NiCad Batteries, forklift Batteries etc.. Doing this mainly with car batteries has saved us both a bundle and of course made us money too. You’d be surprised how many people want rid of their old batteries and would be willing to give you them to be reconditioned.  So I’m summary we are the battery guys and we started Battery Reconditioning Lab to help others like us that share an interest or a need to recondition their batteries.

What you will gain from being a reader of Battery Reconditioning Lab?

You will gain the knowledge to recondition almost every type of battery that can be reconditioned for further use. You will know how to safely bring batteries back to life and save yourself some money whilst doing. It is a skill that everyone can use and everyone should use.

So please share, like, and comment on our guides here at Battery Reconditioning Lab.

Thanks for reading